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Taulbee Jackson | Accomplishments
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Raidious Shareholder Return On Investment (2009-2018)


Raidious Average YoY Revenue Growth (2009-2018)


Net Promoter Scores

(All data from 2018 Raidious Client Survey and 2018 Raidious Employee Survey)



Raidious Current Client Net Promoter Score, scale of -100 to +100 on Hiring Raidious (Would recommend hiring Raidious to friends and colleagues).


``World Class``

Employee Net Promoter Score, scale of -100 to +100 on Hiring Raidious (Would recommend hiring Raidious to friends and colleagues).



Employee Net Promoter Score, scale of -100 to +100 on Working at Raidious (Would recommend working at Raidious to friends or colleagues).

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Employee Retention

Raidious average employee turnover was 2.4 people per year. This was about one third of the industry average

Change Management

Managed the company from start-up, through fundraising, aggressive growth, five office moves in ten years, and most recently, a complex six-month acquisition period – retaining all employees, clients, and billings. 


Client Experience

I’ve been lucky to work with hundreds of companies, from the Fortune 500 to the Fortune 5,000 to the Fortune 1. Category expertise includes Ecommerce, Media, Sports & Entertainment, Retail, B2B, Direct to Consumer, Healthcare, and CPG. Here’s a small sample of some of the companies I have been fortunate to count as clients.

Technical Skills

A few handy things I’ve learned along the way…

CRM - Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.0%
Web - WordPress, some HTML/CSS, etc.0%
Design - Adobe Creative Suite0%
Analytics - Google, Adobe, Social, Email, etc.0%
Social - Spredfast, Adobe, Hootsuite, etc.0%
Video - Premiere, Rush, Spark, etc.0%

Certifications, Training, Etc.

Recent personal development, certifications and training includes Hubspot Certification, Content Marketing Certification, Google Analytics Certification, Predictive Index Certified Analyst, Customer Focused Selling Training, and EQ-i Leadership Training. Raidious also held certifications and partnerships at the company level as follows.

More Highlights

In the course of creating Raidious, we pioneered a lot of early thinking on Real-Time Marketing, Brand Newsrooms, the concept of Owned Media and its relationship to Paid and Earned. We created an entire book’s worth of new stuff.
In 2013, along with Erik Deckers, I published The Owned Media Doctrine – a guide to 21st Century Marketing Operations. It is being used in graduate-level courses at several universities, including Marquette, Ball State, Butler, IU, Notre Dame, and more.
It’s on Amazon if you’re interested.
Raidious changed the world of marketing forever during Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. At the time, things like content marketing, real-time marketing, social media, monitoring, moderation, and the concept of owned media were still new (even though we had been doing it every day since 2009).
Our pioneering work on the 2012 Super Bowl introduced these concepts and showed how they could be applied. Raidious got a ton of national and international coverage, the fans got an amazing experience, and the City of Indianapolis delivered the most connected Super Bowl ever.

This led to a consulting assignment the following year in New Orleans, where brands started participating in real-time for the first time ever. Oreo’s famous “You can still dunk in the dark” tweet, when the lights went out, turned the lights on for everyone. I also consulted on the 2014 Super Bowl in New York, led by NYC agency Deep Focus. I am proud to have been able to put a small dent in the universe with this work. I am even more proud of the Raidious team, the Host Committee, and the countless volunteers who made Indy shine with “Hoosier Hospitality for the 21st Century”.
When Apple sends a team to your company to do a case study on innovation, it’s a good sign you’re doing something remarkable.
We were honored to have Apple showcase our company, and our innovative use of iPads for everything from controlling our massive monitoring wall to capturing and editing content and even mounting them outside our conference room for scheduling.
Feel free to download the case study here: